Your guide to intelligently delivered care.

Your guide to intelligently delivered care.

We believe every population deserves access to top-quality, coordinated care. Texture Health exists to make it happen.

Texture Health provides a fully-integrated population care management and patient engagement technology platform designed to adapt to the evolving needs of forward-thinking providers and health plans.

Texture Health combines deep healthcare and technical expertise to create integrated, advanced and highly-configurable, cloud-based and mobile technology solutions that help providers, health plans, patients and the people who care for them connect, communicate, and collaborate like never before.

We help ACOs, Integrated Delivery Networks, Behavioral Health Collaboratives, Hospitals and Health Systems, Health Plans and MCOs improve patient health and achieve their value-based initiatives, by caring for more patients, in less time, with less resources.

Read our case study to learn how Texture Health is improving patient outcomes with effective population health management solutions.

Why Texture Health?

  • Deliver efficient chronic condition management programs, support complex case management.
  • Address medical, social and behavioral factors.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Care.
  • Lower ED Admissions & Readmissions.
  • Improve Patient and Population Health.
  • Increase Patient Engagement.
  • Achieve Value-Based Care Incentives.
  • Meet state-mandated performance and quality measures.
  • Develop new partnerships between health plans and providers to improve value-based delivery.

Who We Benefit

Texture Health is fully integrated. Population care management, patient engagement, and analytics are all in one place, allowing stakeholders to virtually do it all – without the unnecessary burden of logging into multiple platforms and systems. Texture's platform complements your existing infrastructure (EMR, HIE, etc.) to create a truly connected, collaborative ecosystem – an intersection of crucial information from beyond the walls of your organization – made to improve all aspects of population health.

Providers and Value-Based Networks

Identify at-risk populations, reduce Emergency Department utilization, integrate medical, behavioral and social factors for targeted interventions, increase team productivity, meet delivery system reform performance metrics (e.g., CA, NYTXMA DSRIP programs).

Health Plans

Drive collaborative care management and care coordination programs, develop new partnership paradigms with providers, build relationships between members and care teams, lower Cost of Care for members, deliver cost-effective care, drive increased patient satisfaction and improve member retention.


Increase and improve communication between patients and their caregivers. Texture Health brings heightened transparency, accountability, easier access and active participation to keep patients engaged in their care.

Texture Health Population Care Management Solutions

As healthcare advances towards value-based care and population health management, Texture Health’s suite of technology solutions supports your organization's journey to improved quality and outcomes.


Integrated Population Care Management

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Patient Engagement

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Virtual Specialty Care

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How it Works


Link and easily exchange actionable, multi-source healthcare data (HL7/ADT, claims, eligibility, pharmacy, care management, biometric, form data) through one highly-configurable, intuitive cloud-based platform.


Build, share and update patient profiles and care plans in real-time, and dynamically initiate outreach to patients and care team members with Texture's technology platform. It’s simple, reliable, intuitive.


Texture Health allows care teams to collaborate in the management and monitoring of patients along the care continuum. A broader, multi-disciplinary care approach to healthcare is finally possible.

Driving Impact

Texture Health collectively represents years of experience in driving delivery system redesign and practice innovation, building high-value integrated delivery systems, and developing the cutting-edge technologies to make it happen. With a shared vision to stay on the leading-edge of healthcare transformation, Texture Health was created as a joint investment between Gary Comer Inc. (GCI) and Safety Net Connect (SNC) in collaboration with Medical Home Network (MHN).

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Case Study

Sign up to download our case study and learn how Texture Health and Medical Home Network (MHN) are improving patient outcomes in a resource constrained environment by employing effective population health management strategies and tools. 

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