4 key factors impacting the cost of a population health platform

Understanding the costs of a customizable, configurable population health care management technology platform most often used in conjunction with multiple data integrations can be a complex process. We view pricing as a collaborative conversation based on a number of different factors uncovered during discovery.  Read Article →


EHR vs. Care Management Technology: What’s the difference?

When it comes to automating workflows and care plan accountability, promoting data transparency, stratifying and identifying at-risk patients, and making data-driven decisions, EHRs aren’t always the most effective tool. Health systems should invest in care management technology to complement the EHR.   Read Article →


Medical Home Network is advancing integrated behavioral health

Most healthcare organizations know they need to address behavioral health but aren’t sure how to do so. We spoke to Leana Lopez, Senior Manager of Clinical Integration and Innovation at Medical Home Network, to understand the innovative strategies adopted and implemented at the MHN ACO to better integrate behavioral health across the care continuum.  Read Article →


4 reasons EHRs aren't built for value-based care

When EHRs were first introduced, they were positioned as a one-stop-shop for all things patient care. It turns out their structure isn’t well-built for population health or value-based care. Where are the gaps in these systems and how can we improve upon them?  Read Article →


How to improve care coordination with technology

Provider operations teams have historically relied on a largely manual care coordination process without automation, standardization or workflow efficiencies. This is no longer sustainable. A technology platform can improve care coordination by enhancing interoperability, enabling patient-centered care and easing care transitions.  Read Article →


Overcoming 3 barriers to better behavioral health care

To accelerate the movement towards integrated physical and behavioral health, the healthcare industry must overcome several barriers. Leana Lopez, Senior Manager of Clinical Integration and Innovation at Medical Home Network, shares her thoughts on addressing the challenges facing behavioral health.  Read Article →


Purchasing a care management platform? What you need to know

Care management platforms were developed because healthcare leaders saw that EMRs were largely built for an outdated “fee-for-service” model. In an ideal world, care managers would have a single platform that would keep track of all necessary information about a patient to enable value-based care.  Read Article →