Accelerated access to specialty care.

A secure web-based tool that enables primary care providers (PCPs) to quickly and efficiently conduct electronic consultations (eConsults) with specialists regarding a patient’s specialty care needs.

How it Works


  • Timely, prioritized and effective web-based communication between primary care providers and specialists.
  • A different access point to specialty care using a peer-to-peer approach that allows primary care providers to communicate at their convenience.

  • Enhanced collaboration between primary care providers and specialists, through e-consultations and pre-qualified referrals.
  • Easy to implement and EMR-agnostic — exchanges patient health information, including lab results and clinical images.


  • Reduces unnecessary referrals and no-show rates.
  • Accelerates access to specialists and decreased wait times for appointments.
  • Streamlines electronic communication between PCPs and specialists.
  • Enhances quality of care with better clinical documentation.
  • Enables effective management of specialty utilization rates.
  • Increases patient satisfaction & improved quality of care.