Extend care management across provider, health plan and communities to deliver quality and value.

A highly configurable, scalable, and functional cloud-based platform to drive impactful population care management programs, engage patients in their health and enable value-based care.

How it Works


  • Virtual connectivity across the entire healthcare ecosystem – providers, health plans, patients, care managers, caregivers, communities.
  • A unified, curated view of traditionally siloed data that extends beyond the EMR, providing the right information at the right time.
  • Automated patient risk stratification using medical, behavioral and social factors for whole-person care and prioritized workflows.
  • Tools for care teams to work in partnership with multiple providers and patients to optimize care delivery.
  • Integrated data visualization turns data into actionable insights.
  • Embedded multi-modal channels to drive timely and efficient communication across the ecosystem.
  • Agile implementation, payor and system agnostic.
  • Augments the EMR, accelerating workflow integration.


  • A healthier population and reduction in Total Cost of Care.
  • Informed health plans, providers, care teams and patients.
  • Improved care transitions, timely interventions and enhanced continuity of care.
  • Quality incentive revenue in value-based contracts.
  • Improved compliance to performance and quality measures. 
  •  Increased patient adherence to care plans and better health outcomes.