Our solutions are advancing healthcare and improving outcomes by allowing providers, caregivers, health plans – and now their patients - to more-effectively connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other.

The result? A healthcare ecosystem that’s more efficient, more patient-focused, and finally prepared for what’s ahead.


Customizable and flexible to adapt to changing needs.

The healthcare industry is in constant flux. Just as no two patients are ever the same, organizational needs and industry practices are ever changing, and government policy can be unpredictable. Solutions for population health management should be built to accommodate constant change, which is exactly what Texture Health has done.


Aggregation of disparate data to support population health.

Population health can’t improve without a view of the whole picture.

Thanks to Texture Health, disparate providers can connect and exchange traditionally siloed data across the ecosystem, equipping care managers with the right information at the right time. We combine real-time alerts in historical patient context to provide an intuitive, structured, unified view that gives users holistic insights regarding their patient population.


Care coordination and health improvement tool to support standardized intervention.

The key to standardized interventions are structured workflows and thoughtful communication. Texture Health’s technology platform auto-generates care plans based on patient risk and prioritizes tasks to support open, easy communication across the care continuum. Empowered care teams can communicate simply, effectively, and easily with patients and their caregivers around care gaps, care plan goals met and event-driven triggers. Better collaboration and transparency allow patients to be seamlessly and effortlessly transitioned between care teams.


Patient engagement aligned with goals for improvement.

With the necessary components in place to fully engage patients in their care, Texture also allows your organization to focus inward, to work toward high-level initiatives and goals. The Texture platform provides you with the tools and features you need, like a configurable, role-based dashboard, in-depth analytics and seamless integration into existing systems, to track important goal-based metrics, like total cost of care, patient satisfaction, provider performance and network utilization.


Actionable workflow integration to improve clinician engagement.

When both patients and clinicians are more engaged, everyone benefits. Thanks to Texture Health, collaboration can exist around the construction of care plans. Clinicians are enabled to not only collaborate with other caregivers and providers, but with the patients themselves around discreet tasks that have been prioritized and are tailored to their needs. Texture’s consolidated and organized views of multi-source patient data increase clinical efficacy and generate the patient and population-level insights required to drive workflows that garner results and impact.


Segmentation and analysis of aggregated data to communicate meaningful information.

Texture Health is fully integrated, bringing care management, patient engagement, and data visualization all into one place. This enables you to move beyond the EMR, easily integrate into existing systems and workflows, merge disparate data sources to generate population-level insights and manage the needs of large, complex networks.

Combined Expertise

With a shared vision to stay on the leading edge of healthcare transformation, Texture has collaborated with nationally recognized thought-leaders and health information technology innovators to drive value-based care, delivery system redesign, and engage patients in novel ways.

In concert with its affiliate, Medical Home Network (MHN), Texture Health now brings true patient-centricity to population care management, and integrates it in an intelligent, flexible and scalable technology platform.

MHN has served as a regional catalyst for innovation and collaboration across provider entities in Cook County, Illinois for over seven years. It is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery to Chicago’s historically vulnerable Medicaid population. Texture Health and MHN, together combine a proven model of care with innovative, flexible technology.

Medical Home Network (MHN) is a not-for-profit collaborative that has fundamentally changed how care is delivered. Its proven model of care unites provider communities and diverse healthcare entities around a common goal: redesign healthcare delivery and transform the way care is managed at the practice level in order to improve the health of the communities they serve.

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